A set of simple steps to make your honeymoon special for you...and for the destination.
A responsible honeymoon is the best way to start your first journey along the happily-ever-after road. It is easy to plan irrespective of where you travel: a nearby romantic hideout or a far away mystical land. Responsible travel helps to minimise the negative impacts on the society and culture of the destination. It also generates income for the local businesses, sustains the traditions and discourages migration of the locals to the cities. Responsible Tourism includes a range of practices from the simple no-littering to the absolute volunteering. Here are some ideas for your dream trip.
Aeroplanes are growing sources of pollution because of the increase in low-cost air travel. It may not be possible to avoid air travel altogether, especially when travelling across the continents but opt for a scenic train journey when possible. Cruise ships dump human waste and sewage into the ocean which threatens the marine life. If you choose to cruise, let it be a responsible one. For your local transportation needs, use public transportation as much as possible. Cycling and hiking are other ways to explore the area: they are good for you and wallet-friendly. 
Plan your stay in a boutique home-stay or a family owned resort instead of the chains of hotels and resorts. While this itself is a big step, it will be more beneficial if you can find one that keeps an eye on waste disposal, water conservation, local sourcing etc. From eco-retreats to luxury tents, there are many kinds of accommodation available in national parks and sanctuaries. Your contribution might help in the conservation efforts or save an endangered species. 
Find a local tour operator who contributes to the wellness of the community. There is nothing wrong with scuba diving or soaking in a Jacuzzi on your well-deserved vacation. However, you can involve in an activity that enhances the socio-economic growth of the community. Blend with the locals to learn more about the culture and traditions. Eat at local restaurants and shacks. Indulge in the taste of street foods. Buy souvenirs like handicrafts and organics to help the cottage industries. The below are other general rules to follow:
* No littering or graffiti
* Respect traditions
* Follow rules
* Use recyclable materials
* Adhere to proper dress code
* Never disturb the ecosystem
* Use energy and water wisely
* Do not encourage begging
If you have the time and heart, volunteering is an excellent option. It only takes a few simple steps to make your honeymoon responsible. There is no better time to give back something to the world than this best time of your life.

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