India, the land of many villages, is home to more than 17 million farmers. Rural Tourism enables one to see India in a different light, showcasing the life in a village -- where most of the Indian population live. The key component of Rural Tourism is the rural culture. It aims at meaningful connections between the tourists and the locals, their culture, traditions and lifestyles. It involves the following concepts.
* Agri-Tourism
* Cultural and Heritage Tourism
* Ecotourism
Ecotourism, and Cultural and Heritage Tourism are fast growing in India. They have successfully established their presence among the local and foreign visitors. Agri-Tourism, on the other hand, is a relatively new concept. Agri-Tourism combines rural settings, agriculture and its products to shape the tourism experience. 

How can it Help
Agri-Tourism in India has great potential to absorb the exhilarating growth of the tourism industry. The other benefits are,
* Generating income, employment and economic stability for the rural communities.
* Providing alternative income to the farmers during the dry and drought seasons.
* Promoting awareness of the agricultural practices among the youth.
* Efficiently utilising the existing natural resources.

Why Agri-Tourism
The rural environment emphasises the idea of men and nature in perfect harmony. Here's why you should consider Agri-Tourism:
Non-Massive Tourism -- Agri-Tourism provides a welcome break from the crowded and stressful mass tourism. It enhances your personal experience and makes it memorable. 

An Affordable Getaway -- The cost of accommodation, food and travel is inexpensive in the villages. Home-stays and farm-stays can be found at reasonable prices throughout the country. This is the best way to make the most of your holiday.

Unspoiled Nature -- The Indian villages can offer you nature at its best: a breath of fresh air, lush green countryside, bubbling streams, burgeoning flowers, tranquillity and many such simple yet elusive pleasures. 

An Insight into the Agricultural World -- Rural tours usually give you a chance to see the farming activities like horticulture, sericulture, dairying, bee keeping, and so on, up close. Bullock cart and tractor rides are other interesting experiences in a rural tour. 

An Experience To Remember -- The farmers and villagers are warm, and you will be treated with genuine hospitality. There are many activities to learn more about their life -- you can participate in cultural festivals; get involved in cooking, pottery, farming activities and rural games; try on a traditional garment; or learn folk music.  The simple life, healthy cuisine and the innocence of the villagers will make a real difference to your holiday. 

The heart of India is the culture that lies abundantly in the villages. Some of the rural tour operators for India are Fulcrum ToursUdayaToursIndia FarmTours and India RuralTours
More information on the rural tours can be found at the Agri Tourism DevelopmentCorporation.

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